Gone Away Services

About Gone Away Services

Welcome; my name is Tim McGrath and I have been a Farms and Land Real Estate agent for more than 35 years. I started Gone Away Services to allow a private land owner the option to have their love ones cremated ashes blown on to their property. The land owner will provide me with the ashes and the location to blow the ashes on. I will need a minimum of 500′ to accomplish this task; This task can take as little as one half hour to complete. My fee to do this in the Washington DC, Metro area is $500. A waiver will have to be signed by the land owner allowing me to blow the ashes. You can look at the waiver and the Aerial Burial process on this Web site. You may also go to www.chunkinup.com to see what I have been doing for the past 20 years. Call 800-292-3547 or email me at timcgrath@chunkinup.com to see if your property is suitable for an Aerial Burial. Thank you in advance


T.I McGrath 1-800-292-3547